Long Drive champion hit a 483-yard drive and then channeled his inner-Ric Flair during the celebration

Long Drive Maurice Allen celebrates

Long Drive competitions are quite the event.

The event is rather self-explanatory — extremely strong golfers gather together to see who can hit golf balls farther than anyone else in the world. Think of it as golf’s Home Run Derby, an event meant to show off the strength of its competitors and their very specific ability outside of the larger sport.

Long Drive competitions are also similar to the Home Run Derby in that they give athletes an opportunity to let loose. Whereas over-the-top celebrations are somewhat frowned upon at Augusta National, Tuesday night at the Mile High Showdown, they were all but encouraged. And no one had better celebrations on Tuesday than eventual champion Maurice Allen.

In the quarterfinal round of the competition, Allen hit this absolute bomb of a shot, 483 yards. Feast your eyes golf fans, from the Golf Channel via ESPN.

As you can see, Allen is not afraid to show his personality at the tee box. The way he admires the handiwork of his swing is up there with the coldest of baseball sluggers, and his strut after his shot is runway-worthy.

But Allen was not done. While being interviewed after the round, Allen gave some of the best Ric Flair mic work you’ll see from anyone besides the Nature Boy himself.

Allen would go on to win the event, and is your 2017 Mile High Showdown champion. As a fellow champ, Ric Flair would be proud.