Italian Man Becomes A Cult Hero After Being The Only Fan To Show Up To His Soccer Team’s Road Game

udinese soccer fan alone

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Arrigo Brovedani was the only Udinese fan to show up and support the team in its road game against Sampdoria on Monday night, and now he’s being written about around the world.Udinese is one of the smaller clubs in the Italian first division, and they typically don’t get a ton of fans at away games, especially against Sampdoria, which is 315 miles away and took place on a weeknight.

But Brovendani is a wine merchant and happened to be in the area on business, so he showed up and sat in the designated section for away fans. Because of violence in Italian soccer, metal fencing separates the two groups of fans. So Brovendani had to sit in the cage by himself, he told Udine Today:

“Once I arrived at the stadium I found this to be the only fan! At that point the steward wanted me to sit in the stands, but I insisted on going in the away end, since I had paid for it. So I opened the ‘cage’ and I accommodated.”

The home fans offered him coffee, invited him out for drinks, and wished him Merry Christmas, according to the BBC. Udinese won 2-0, and dedicated the win to him.

He’s great:

udinese soccer fan alone

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The TV broadcast cut to him after Udinese scored, and he seemed pleased:

lone udinese fan

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udinese soccer fan alone

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