The London Stock Exchange just built a Facebook-style social network for investors

London Stock Exchange's ELITE ConnectLondon Stock Exchange/ELITE ConnectAn example company page on ELITE Connect.

The London Stock Exchange just launched a social network for public companies and investors that combines elements of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

ELITE Connect lets companies communicate with investors and advisers online. All users will have their own profile page and be able to communicate through messaging and chat features, much like on Facebook.

Investors can also “follow” companies, like they do on Twitter, and see company’s management teams and filings — a bit like LinkedIn.

The platform is currently only available to a few top European listed companies but the LSE is planning a full roll-out later this year.

ELITE’s managing director Luca Payrano says: “The pace of change in global capital markets and the technology and regulation that underpins it, has been transformative in recent years. ELITE Connect will fully harness today’s technology within the investor relations industry and connect people across the globe.

“We know that approximately 90 per cent of listed companies travel the world to meet asset management firms and spend up to one month a year meeting face-to-face. ELITE Connect will help make investor relations more efficient, more international, and more valuable for all parties.”

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