London's Amit Ben-Haim To Flip 15 CPW Penthouse For $60 Million Profit

Amid all the reports of foreigners willing to drop millions on Manhattan apartments priced in worthless dollars, one London investor is looking to sell his CPW flat for a mere $60 million more than he paid for it.

It’s not even a full-floor apartment, and there are rumours that others are being re-sold for $90-150 million. But we’re sure Amit Ben-Haim can find some poor rich person willing to take it off his hands.

Curbed: The first e-mail arrived on July 4th: the $80 million listing for the 40th floor penthouse at 15 Central Park West—the Robert A.M. Stern-designed limestone—had gone live on Brown Harris Stevens’ website. Over the weekend, more e-mails came in regarding the long-awaited listing, a 5,000+ square foot 4BR apartment that also includes a 1,200sqft “ground floor suite” for one lucky maid. The apartment is owned by London-based investor Amit Ben-Haim, who closed on it for $21.9 million.

Sure, the ga-ga factor on the asking price is a little less insane given rumours of the $150 million 15 CPW penthouse (and another one at $90 million; the building has 68,000 penthouses), but this listing is out there for the world to see. It’s official. It’s happening. Feedback has been mixed. Said one reader: “I did not compare it to Schedule A of the Declaration but I don’t even think this is a full floor. No way will it get its asking price.” Another added that the $15k/sqft asking price becomes a relative bargain at $12,311 if you include the ground floor suite.

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