We Have Never Before Seen Such A Purple House

A four-bedroom family home in Hillingdon, outside London, may look unassuming on the outside.

But step inside, and it’s a different story. The walls are painted lavender, with alcoves done in a deeper shade of purple. Matching plush carpets line the floors, even in the kitchen and bathroom, where purple carpeting climbs the side of the tub.

The home just hit the market through the estate agent R Whitley & Co., which apparently didn’t see the all-purple, all-the-time colour scheme as a selling point. It instead opted to describe the property as a simple “family inspired design.”

This purple haze can be yours for the relatively affordable price of 400,000 pounds ($644,120).

This semi-detached family home in Hillingdon looks pretty normal from the outside.

But step inside the kitchen, which has purple rugs on top of a purple carpet.

Purple flowers accent the rooms.

The dark purple alcoves complement the lavender walls.

Purple accent pillows cover the furniture.

Even the dining room chairs have been upholstered in a purple that matches the drapes and the carpet.

In the bedroom, a white bed stands out in a sea of purple.

Another bedroom features a reflective purple wall.

The bathroom tiles are accented with purple flowers and the purple carpeting climbs all the way up the side of the tub.

In the backyard, purple flowers are the only hint of the owner's favourite colour.

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