There's A Huge Anti-Austerity Protest In London Right Now

London Protester

Photo: AP

Right now, people are on the streets of London protesting increases in tuition fees.The protests have likely expanded to include individuals beyond students, but all against the coalition government’s austerity policies.

Protesters have invaded the Conservative Party’s headquarters, destroying the entrance of the facility.

It is estimated more that 50,000 have showed up. MI5 has closed the public entrance to its offices, concerned about protesters approaching it.

Hipster protesters enter Conservative HQ.

A Bobby takes one on the nose.

Check out that computer toss.

Protesters march down Whitehall in London.

They flock to the side streets around Parliament.

Protesters right outside Parliament.

A smoke bomb in Conservative Party HQ.

Fire outside Conservative Party Headquarters, protesters push in.

A better shot of the bonfire outside Conservative Party HQ.

Right around the bonfire, outside Conservative Party HQ.

The scene right outside Conservative Party HQ.

Conservative Party HQ under siege.

The view from inside Conservative Party HQ, before it was invaded.

Students lounging after breaking into Conservative Party HQ.

The view from the top of the Conservative Party HQ.

Once getting inside, protesters took the top of the tower.

Check out this video from Sky

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