London Warns Of Possible Mobile Phone Blackouts During The 2012 Olympics


The Mayor of London is warning citizens “there will be maximum strain” on the city’s mobile phone network during next summer’s Olympics.

With so many people tweeting and Instagraming and uploading YouTube videos, live, from the Games’ biggest events next summer, London’s cell phone infrastructure may collapse under the bandwidth.

Boris Johnson says the city is scrambling to install new towers and wi-fi hot spots, but time is running out on infrastructure projects before next July’s Opening Ceremonies.

Even with the upgrades, more people are using data-heavy smartphones than ever before. Thousands of extra tourists, piling on top of the citizens of one of the world’s biggest capitals spells trouble. (Not to mention the staff, volunteers, security, police, and even athletes who will rely on that equipment to get around and pull off the Summer Games.)

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