London Finally Decides Eldest Qaddafi Son Can't Have 1,000 Olympic Tickets

qaddafi gaddafi

The organisers of London’s 2012 Olympics have decided to strip Muammar Qaddafi’s eldest son of up to 1,000 tickets, reports The Telegraph.

Muhammad Qaddafi had been offered the tickets, which he could sell or give away, due to his role as the head of Libya’s National Olympic Committee.

However, following a public outcry after The Telegraph reported on the controversy earlier this week, the London Games (LOCOG) today stripped the dictator’s son of his tickets.

The British government had been quick to point out that despite the tickets the Qaddafi family were banned from the UK.

“The fact is that Gaddafi, his family and key members of that regime are subject to a travel ban and won’t be allowed to travel here to the Olympics in any event,” said PM David Cameron’s official spokesperson.

There had been fear that if Muammar Qaddafi stayed in power in 2012 he may try to attend the event.

An anonymous government source told The Telegraph that “There is consternation about the fact that country teams are entitled to invite their heads of state, meaning that Qaddafi, who we are desperately trying to bomb into oblivion, could try to disrupt the Games.”

David Bond, the BBC’s sports editor, notes that due to Olympic protocol other controversial heads of state, including Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, might be extended invites to the UK.

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