Cleaners For The London Olympics Are Being Housed In What Resembles A Shanty-Town

London Olympics

Photo: AP Photo/Alastair Grant

Cleaners employed to work on London’s Olympic Games are facing abysmal living conditions for the, according to reports from the Daily Mail detail.The British paper reports that cleaners are being housed in portable containers resembling trailers with 10 people to a room, bathrooms shared between 25 people, and the shower to people ratio running at a ratio of 75:1.

To make matters worse, recent rains that have caused flooding on the grounds and roofs to leak, and the living situation is beginning to sound more like a refugee camp than an official Olympic ground. 

It seems that the London organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Locog) knew the conditions would be poor too — in order to live on the ground and get the job, workers were forced to sign gag orders so they could not discuss the conditions, reports the Daily Mail. And before the workers moved in, environmental health officers gave their take on the temporary residences, describing that the bathrooms were “unlikely to be adequate” and that the sleeping arrangements would be “cramped”.

Worse yet, original plans to give the jobs too out-of-work Londoners never came to fruition. Instead, the jobs were largely filled by foreign workers from places like Spain, where unemployment has forced many to relocate in search of work. 

The scandal is just the latest to hit the Olympics, which has seen budget scandals, security scandals, branding scandals and even french fry scandals.

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