Some Of The Most Bizarre Items From The London Olympics Are Being Auctioned Off Right Now

With the London 2012 Olympic Games over organisers now have to figure out what to do with a bunch of left over memorabilia and other random items.

So organisers are auctioning off a bunch of these things with the money going toward the cost of staging the games, as well as paying for costs associated with selling Olympic torches to many bearers at a discounted rate, according to the AP.

Most of the items are fairly normal Olympic fare: flags, replica memorabilia signed by athletes, small torches used over the last two weeks, etc.

Then there are some rather odd things you can bid on, like…

A used javelin, whose bid is already above $3,000



One of the nurse gowns/aprons used during that rather interesting opening ceremony (bids have passed the $400 mark)

Nurse apron London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

Photo: BBC

A real farmer’s hand sickle used in the homage to Britain’s countryside during the opening ceremony (bid at $500+)

Photo: London 2012

And perhaps the strangest, “why the hell would I ever need this?” item of all: a giant and uber-creepy Olympic mascot dressed like Sherlock Holmes (this bid is going well over $10,000)

Sherlock Holmes Olympic mascot auction

Photo: London 2012

The items are going quick! So head on over to the London 2012 Auction site to make sure you can grab a piece of these games and treasure the odd memory forever.

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