London Pedestrian Tackles Machete-Wielding Jewellery Robber In Dramatic Footage

Fresh footage shows a lunchtime robbery at a luxury London jeweller store on Thursday in which a “have a go hero” city worker attempts to tackle one of the masked robbers.

Three men, dressed all in black, had attacked Carr Watches and Diamonds with sledgehammers, before making off on mopeds. But one got left behind — at which point an unidentified man in a suit attempted to take him down.

The Evening Standard got a hold of camera footage of the drama. Here are the highlights:

The robbers leave the store and get ready to go on their mopeds.

But one gets left behind.

A City worker (who the Evening Standard is not identifying) then leapt at him.

The two wrestle in the busy street.

The robber then reaches into his pocket…

…and pulls out a machete.

Lunging, the robber almost falls to the ground.

Regaining his footage, he makes as if to swing for the City worker again.

The robber then makes a run for it.

An eyewitness told the Standard that it was “like something out of a Hollywood movie. The next thing a smartly dressed man tried to tackle one of the robbers but was then threatened with a massive machete. We were all looking on in total shock and horror, it did not last long but everything was total chaos.”

“The man who tried to stop them was a real have a go hero,” they added. “He could have been killed. He looked tough but when you are against a machete you have no chance. At least he slowed them down though.”

The machete-wielding suspect was arrested later that day, in an underground car park. The other two remain at large.

Watch the Evening Standard’s video here >

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