Everyone Is Saying Britain’s Immigrant Communities Are The Real Heroes Of The Riots

One fascinating angle that keeps coming up in coverage of the London riots is the way that British press have been championing the bravery of immigrant communities in protecting their neighborhoods.

The Daily Mailnot always the kindest publication to immigrant groups — is today championing the actions of a group of Sikhs in West London who have been out on the street in an attempt to protect their neighbourhood.

This follows the actions of Turkish shop owners in East London who had banded together to ensure their businesses were not looted:

There’s also the story of Pauline Pearce, the jazz singer originally from Barbados filmed on the streets of Hackney berating the city’s wild youth:

(Pearce is profiled in The Times of London today)

And finally, there’s the story of the three members of Birmingham’s Asian community who died in a hit and run incident while protecting their community. The father of one of the murder victims, Tariq Jahan, has been widely praised for his poise after the death of his son Haroon.

So it seems at least in the media, the British dream of multiculturalism isn’t dead yet, despite what Russian politicians would lead you to believe.