Restaurants Are Furious After London Bans Rare And Medium-Rare Burgers

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A London city council has banned rare and medium rare burgers, citing health reasons. The Westminster City Council is going to crack down on restaurants and perform inspections where restaurants are asked how they prepare burgers, reported the London Evening Standard

Westminster is the area in Central London located near Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Restaurants are afraid that eliminating partially-cooked burgers could really hurt business. 

“If you follow the guidelines to the letter then you’re going to destroy the burger industry,” an executive chef at a swanky restaurant told the paper. “Not only that but you’re opening a Pandora’s box, because where do you finish? Steak tartare, runny eggs … the list is endless.”

The new rule is expected to have nationwide implications and spread to other regions. 

Raw and partially-cooked red meat can contain E. coli and other dangerous bacteria.

England was the first country to report a major Mad Cow Disease outbreak in the 1980s, bringing shame to the British government. Cooking meat thoroughly can reduce the risk of contracting the disease. 

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