London Banker Allegedly Arms Himself With Two Crossbows After Girlfriend Dumps Him


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If this is true, it’s by far the creepiest banker dating story we’ve ever heard.  The Daily Mail is reporting that a U.K. banker Al Amin Dhalla, who is currently on trial, allegedly armed himself with weapons including two crossbows and an air rifle after he was dumped by female doctor trainee he met on a dating website for “high-earning professionals.”

Not only that, he’s also been accused of setting fire to his ex’s mother’s cottage, the report said. 

Dhalla, a 42 year-old Canadian native who worked as a bank auditor at an unidentified firm, also apparently lied about his age and his background on his dating profile.

When he seemed rushed to want to marry the doctor-in-training, her mother and her mother’s boyfriend intervened revealing his shady past.

That’s when Dhalla allegedly bought a cache of weapons, hired a private investigator to spy on his ex and even dressed as a doctor all to get back at her and her family. 

He denies all charges.

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