A London bakery has introduced a new hybrid dessert that looks like the most delicious thing on earth

Foxcroft & Ginger, Custard & Jam CruffinsFoxcroft & GingerJam and custard ‘Cruffins.’

A London bakery just announced its new “Cruffin” item — a croissant mixed with a muffin. The hybrid food follows in the footsteps of the Cronut, which shook up New York’s bakery scene back in 2013.

The “Cruffin” is the the work of London bakery Foxroft & Ginger, which told us about the new product in an email. Owners Quintin and Georgina describe their business as artisan and say the pastries are made in-house. It’s clear the idea is that the croissant-muffin hybrid becomes the latest pastry craze.

The exact Foxcroft & Ginger recipe for the cruffins is kept under wraps. But basically, they’re made with a “secret sourdough mix,” which is hand-folded using French butter. Then, instead of using a traditional croissant mould, the pastries are baked into a muffin shape and filled with things like chocolate ganache, custard, and jam.

They look like this:

The Cruffin will be available in in London on Friday, March 6, at the bakery’s shops in Whitechapel and Soho, and a pop-up in Old Street in April. Each Cruffin will cost £2.70, which sounds a bit pricey.

It’s no doubt London’s first foray into cruffin creation, although it looks as though a bakery in San Francisco pipped Foxcroft & Ginger to the post in the international stakes.

Here’s another look at the mighty Cruffin:

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