Another Sad Lolo Jones Tweet That Shows She's Reading Way Too Much About Herself

In the aftermath of Lolo Jones’ fourth-place finish in London, one thing is becoming clear: she’s hyper-aware of how she’s being perceived.

It started right after the 100m hurdles finals, when she tweeted a correction at Bill Plaschke of the LA Times just hours after his article about her went live.

Then she went on the Today Show yesterday and broke down crying when talking about Jere Longman’s hit-piece on her in Sunday’s NYT.

And finally, last night she retweeted ESPN’s Darren Rovell with a little bit of dark humour:

lolo jones tweet

Photo: @lolojones

We’re big defenders of Lolo, especially when it comes to the whole “she doesn’t deserve the attention she’s getting” meme. But it’s obvious that she’s reading a lot about herself, and getting totally wound up by it.

These London Games have shown us that Olympic athletes generally don’t have the media training of “big four” pro athletes who are constantly in the spotlight.

We saw gymnast Aly Raisman suffer an embarrassing Twitter direct message fail — a rookie mistake, by pro athlete standards. We also saw hurdlers Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells trash Lolo in a live interview — something you never see.

And now we see Lolo Jones getting swallowed up by the media’s analysis of her.

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