An Inside Look At Lolo Jones' Intense Training Regimen As She Gets Ready For The Olympics

lolo jones training for the olympics

Photo: YouTube

Lolo Jones is probably the most hyped American athlete going into the 2012 Olympics.But her day-to-day life is largely the same as most Olympians — unspectacular and filled by a highly evolved training routine.

Lolo tweeted out a “day in the life” video that gives you a good idea of how she’s living deep in the Louisiana bayou.

The big takeaways: She wakes up at noon, eats some amazing food, and trains with men.

But there’s much, much more.

Interestingly, she doesn't wake up early. She trains in the afternoon and just needs to roll out of bed by 12 p.m.

She eats some of the most elaborate, awesome-looking oatmeal we've ever seen. Pumpkin seeds are involved

She lives in an upscale neighbourhood in Louisiana, and rollerblades with her dog

She works out at LSU, where she went to college. This year, she's working out with the LSU men's team, not the women's team

She's been training for hurdles for 12 years, but this is the first year she's trained exclusively with men

Part of her regimen involves running the stairs at LSU's Tiger Stadium

Fans refer to the stadium as 'Death Valley' because the football team usually dominates at home...

... But Lolo says the track team calls it 'Death Valley' because of how brutally hard the workouts there are

She trains for four hours a day, including some intense upper-body workouts

That still leaves a lot of free time though. Lolo says she likes Louisiana because it's low key. Her hobbies include people watching...

Going to art galleries

And eating really, really good seafood

She also seems to have followed the hipster glasses trend that Russell Westbrook and other NBA players popularised. These ones have lenses though

Watch the whole thing here

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