Lolo Jones Didn't Read The Brutal NYT Article About Her Because She Didn't Want To Give Them A Pageview

lolo jones

Lolo Jones is still talking about Jere Longman’s scathing article about her in the NYT last week.

She told Sports Illustrated today that she never read the full article on NYT, and only read bits and pieces on it that were talked about on Deadspin.


She didn’t want to give the paper of record the satisfaction of a pageview. Here’s an excerpt from SI:

“It wasn’t until the event was run and her fourth-place fate sealed that she took a look — sort of. ‘I didn’t click on the actual link,’ she said. ‘I didn’t want to give their website a hit or a read from my computer, so I looked at others — like Deadspin broke up pieces of the article. I just didn’t want to give [The New York Times] the validation of a click from my computer.'”

So she hit the NYT in the piggybank.

Jones also told SI that she knew about the article because her Twitter was blowing up about it. But she consciously stayed offline so she wouldn’t hurt her confidence.

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