Lolo Jones Only Made $741 Bobsledding This Season

lolo jones bobsledding

Lolo Jones is currently trying to qualify for the US bobsled team for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

She made the team last fall, and spent the winter and spring learning the sport on the bobsledding circuit.

During that time, Jones got a taste of the cruel financial reality that faces many Olympic athletes in non-Olympic years.

She posted this Vine today of her $741.84 paycheck for seven months of bobsledding.

That paycheck doesn’t include whatever she made from her sponsors (Red Bull, most notably). But it gives you an idea of what many of these athletes go through.

Jones helped the US team to a gold medal at the World Championships in Switzerland in January. But it’s unclear if she’ll make the final cut for Sochi.

Here’s a short video from HBO about Lolo’s Winter Olympics quest:

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