Lolo Jones Is Eating 9,000 Calories A Day In Preparation For The Winter Olympics

Lolo Jones, who missed getting a medal at the Summer Olympics in 2012, will try her luck at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Jones has switched over from hurdling for a bit to focus on bobsled, and with the switch, she’s had to pack on the pounds.

In bobsled, it pays to weigh more because the more mass in the sled, the faster it goes.

Jones told USA Today that right now she weighs the most she ever has, 157 pounds, and is currently eating 9,000 calories a day to pack on some more. To get to 9,000 a day, Jones drinks two protein shakes that have 1,365 calories each, and often eats double bacon cheeseburgers from McDonald’s.

But Jones’ 30 pound gain isn’t flab, she told USA Today:

“I’m pumped about this muscle weight. My abs are still there. I’m still cut, just super solid.”

The Winter Olympics are in just 130 days, and team trials begin on October 12. Jones would like to get up to 160 pounds by then.

Here’s a photo of Jones lifting some serious weigh, helping her pack on that muscle:

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