Lolo Jones Forgot To Hit The Brakes At The End Of Her Bobsleigh Run, Nearly Crashed

As the brake person for the United States 3 women’s bobsled team, Lolo Jones has two jobs and she forgot to do one at the end of a run in Sochi.

After Lolo Jones and Jazmine Fenlator crossed the line at the end of the third heat, well off the pace set by the United States 1 bobsled team, Jones appeared to forget to apply the breaks, apparently not realising the run was over. Fenlator had to reach back and tap Jones on the helmet several times before she stopping the sled.

Jones, who turned to bobsled after a successful track career is mostly responsible for helping give her team a strong start. But after that, her only other jobs are to stay low and apply the brakes at the end.

There is not a lot of track after the finish line on the bobsled track and the results could have been disastrous if the crew went too much longer without applying the brakes on the 400-pound sled.

This glaring lack of experience comes on the same day an American men’s bobsledder blasted Jones as a marketing gimic, noting that there were more deserving athletes left off the team.

Jones and Fenlator are 11th after three of the four heats.

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