Athletes' Rooms In The Olympic Village Have No Air Conditioning

Lolo Jones

Photo: ProcterGamble / YouTube

With the 2012 London Olympics set to officially kick off with Friday night’s opening ceremony, and soccer already underway, athletes have started trickling in to the Olympic Village.But for as nice as the village may look, the athletes are having some serious issues dealing with the heat.

In what is clearly being called an unfair advantage to the home team, only British dormitories have any air conditioning.

American hurdler Lolo Jones doesn’t exactly sound ecstatic about the lack of air conditioning, tweeting:

No air conditioners. Its HOT in the rooms. No need to practice, just lay in ur bed & sweat. Where r the applications for Winter Olympics??

And U.S. soccer star Alex Morgan was annoyed with the high indoor temperatures Tuesday, a day before leading a U.S. comeback win over France. Morgan complained:

Our room is seriously a sauna @HeatherOReilly #ACpleaseworktoday

Weather in London calls for mild temperatures throughout the week (mid 60s to high 70s), but are expected to rise as the games go on. And for athletes hoping to come back to their rooms to relax after a strenuous workout or game, those “mild” temperatures without any AC are enough to drive them crazy.

Throw in the fact that the rooms are quite small, and you get a terrible combination.

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