Can You Identify Logos When The Words Are Removed?

Lucky Strike logo no name

Photo: Logo quiz app

We recently heard about an upscale British department store that has asked popular brands to create logos that exclude their names, thus reducing “visual clutter.” This got us to thinking, are brand names really necessary on a logo?Some brands, like Apple, are instantly recognisable from a simple image — no words necessary. Other brands are completely reliant on the names in their logos.

We’ve consulted the Logo Quiz game in the iTunes App Store to gather images of brands whose logos may be tricky to identify without the name of the company printed across it.

Which channel is this?

Discovery Channel

Look familiar?


This product may have an extra tax on it in some states ...

Lucky Strike



Here's an easy one ...


Does this ring a bell?


In the mood to go to the beach?

You can wear a Roxy bathing suit

Here's another gimme ...

...a United aeroplane.

This logo bears no relation to the product ...

Put on a Northface jacket.

Look familiar?


How about this one?


This should be easy ...

Grab a Guiness

In the same industry as a couple other companies on this list...


Everyone uses this product ...

Post It notes

What's the bottom line?

Texas Instruments

Does this one look familiar?

Sony Ericsson

For your face...

Olay beauty products


Harley Davidson

How about this one?


Any child of the '90s knows this company well ...


Bears no relation to the product whatsoever ...

Huge brand, non-obvious logo.


A pick-me-up ...


Another retailer...


And perhaps the trickiest one on the list ...

Citroën cars

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