Logan Paul said he wants to fight in the UFC after his boxing match with KSI — and he called out Conor McGregor

Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesLogan Paul.
  • Logan Paul has expressed interest in entering the UFC octagon.
  • In an interview with TMZ, his brother Jake Paul said, “I think it’d be dope to see one of us fight McGregor,” to which Logan responded, “That’s what I was thinking!”
  • Logan Paul is due to fight fellow YouTuber KSI on August 25 in a boxing match that has been built up with trash talk that’s gone too far at times.
  • The event will also see Jake take on KSI’s brother, Deji.
  • Logan said he and his brother would have to prove themselves in the ring first before taking on the likes of McGregor.

Logan Paul’s war of words has finally extended beyond fellow YouTuber KSI, who he is due to fight in a highly-anticipated boxing match this month.

Speaking to TMZ at Los Angeles International Airport, Paul expressed interest in becoming a UFC fighter, saying he doesn’t want his career to be “one and done.”

Asked who he would like to fight in a mixed martial arts arena, Paul said, “Dana White, are you watching this, bro? Pick a fight for me.”

His brother Jake Paul, who is fighting KSI’s brother Deji as the undercard to their older brothers’ fight, said, “I think it’d be dope to see one of us fight McGregor,” to which Logan responded, “That’s what I was thinking!”

“We’ve got to prove ourselves first,” Logan said.

You can watch the full interview here:

The build-up to Paul’s fight with KSI (real name Olajide Olatunji) has been a ludicrous affair, with insults traded between the two arguably going too far on a number of occasions.

During a press conference earlier this month, KSI suggested he would make a better lover than Paul, who is missing part of his testicle due to a stunt gone wrong. That was to background chants of “She’s a hoe!” from the crowd.

Vlogger Logan Paul and KSI.Logan Paul / YouTubeLogan Paul (L) and KSI (R).

In a video titled “DEAR KSI, HERE’S WHY I WALKED OFF STAGE…”, Paul pointed to KSI’s problematic history of making insulting and sexist remarks. He specifically referenced his ban in 2012 from Eurogamer events after he made lewd remarks to women.

Paul’s infamous filming of a dead body in Japan’s “suicide forest” has also proved to be popular ammunition for KSI in their disputes.

BBC Radio 1, which is targeted at 15- to 29-year-olds, decided not to air an interview with Logan Paul and KSI after a backlash from listeners. It was one of the few media interviews the pair were scheduled to carry out ahead of their fight, a spokesman for KSI told Business Insider earlier this month.

The match, which takes place in Manchester Arena on August 25, will be livestreamed for $US8 (£6).

If each of the pair’s collective 35 million fans watched, it would net them $US280 million from streams alone.

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