Chris Christie Said Nothing About A Massive Inmate Escape During Sandy

Chris ChristieChris Christie

Photo: AP

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie made no public statement about the total chaos at a Newark halfway house that raged along with the storm, The New York Times reports.Fifteen inmates escaped after the power failed at Logan Hall, a halfway house that looks like a prison, the Times reported.

One inmate was still at large as of Sunday.

Christie is close friends with a former executive at Community Education, which runs many of the Garden State’s halfway houses.

The New York Times has previously investigated Community Education, finding inmates easily slip away from its halfway houses.

During Hurricane Sandy, guards were unprepared and reportedly did not even have flashlights. The Christie administration has not publicly revealed there was a disturbance there, according to the Times.

A representative for Christie did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday.

While Christie’s website doesn’t have any press announcements about the Logan Hall disturbance, Essex County officials did reveal inmates had escaped during the storm, Newark Patch reported.

However, Patch reported that only five inmates had escaped.

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