We Went To The Famous 'Power Breakfast' Where Wall Street's Big Shots Spend A Fortune On Eggs And Coffee

In the 1970s, New York City was on the decline. Crime was up, graffiti was everywhere, and the city was broke.

To figure out how to solve these problems, then-Loews Corporation CEO Bob Tisch invited business leaders for breakfast at the Tisch family’s hotel, the Loews Regency.

That’s how New York’s most famous “Power Breakfast” was born.

The tradition still lives on today with the biggest names in business, finance and politics dining there each day.

Last year, Loews Regency’s entire dining room and lobby were redone to give the place a new feel.

We had breakfast there this morning. The updated place has a more modern and sleeker appearance compared to the old red velvet booths.

You can still expect to pay a fortune for eggs, toast and coffee, though. That hasn’t changed.

Loews Regency is on Park Avenue and 61st Street. It's near what we like to refer to as 'Wall Street North' (a.k.a. where banks like JPMorgan and UBS are located along with a number of hedge funds and private equity shops)

When you walk in, the dining room is to your left.

The lobby and restaurant were both redone in its recent remodeling.

Immediately you'll notice the new super stacked bar. Before, there was a lounge area.

They still have complimentary newspapers -- Financial Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today. The Bloomberg Terminal and the TV screens playing business news channels are no longer there.

First things first, you'll need a bottomless cup of coffee. It's $US7.50.

The menu is pretty standard -- eggs, bacon, pastries, fruit, juice. It's expensive, though. You can get yogurt for $US18.

Around 7:45 - 8:00 a.m. everyone starts showing up. We mean everyone because it seems they all know each other and just got back from the same Soul Cycle class (their words, not ours).

We both ordered the 3 egg omelet. It comes with salad and potatoes. It costs a cool $US25!

You have to have a little toast on the side, obviously. Yes, that's $US6 for two pieces of bread. Amazing.

Who doesn't like a baby bottle of hot sauce... no seriously. Who?

Or a little jar of jam?

The moment of truth...

We also stopped by the bathroom. It's nice, too.

Here's what the Loews Regency power breakfast looked like before the redesign...

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