Dan Loeb's Biggest Winners And Losers In April

Heidi Gutman/ CNBCDan Loeb’s April performance numbers are out, and he just narrowly lagged the S&P by 0.5% (1.4% to 1.9%) — not terrible. Not great either.

It’s still interesting to see where one of the smartest, most outspoken hedge fund managers in the world is making his money, though, so here it is.

Last month, Third Point Partners’ most successful investments/trades were in Yahoo, Japanese Macro, Greek government bonds, AIG, and Japan Tobacco Inc.

Loeb’s losers, on the other hand, were two shorts, Gold, Banco da Brasil SA and Dolphin Capital Investors.

Loeb is up 10.5% YTD compared to the S&P’s 12.7%.

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