GASPARINO: Dan Loeb Yelled At The Secretary Of A Sotheby's Board Member And Then Sent Flowers

Activist hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb yelled at the secretary of a Sotheby’s board member and then later apologized by sending flowers, Fox Business Network’s Charlie Gasparino reports.

According to Gasparino, Loeb — who has been battling with Sotheby’s — tried calling up a board member at the auction house. The board member’s secretary answered the phone and informed Loeb that the board member wasn’t in the office. She then transferred Loeb to the trading desk. The trading desk transferred him back to the absent board member’s secretary.

Gasparino says that Loeb yelled at the secretary.

The next day he sent her flowers.

So at least he apologized. That was the classy thing to do.

It’s also unclear which board member he was calling up. However, the detail about being transferred the trading desk gives us a hint.

Here’s a list of the board members. A couple of these folks would have a trading desk.

William F Ruprecht
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

The Duke of Devonshire
Deputy Chairman

Domenico De Sole
Lead Independent Director

John M Angelo
Steven B Dodge
Daniel Meyer
Allen Questrom
Marsha E Simms
Michael I Sovern
Robert S Taubman
Diana L Taylor
Dennis M Weibling

Watch below:

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