A Female Tech CEO Got A Truly Awful Email When She Tried To Hire Someone

It’s still hard being a woman leading a company.

The latest evidence comes from Yunha Kim, CEO of Locket, a startup that lets you change your Android smartphone’s home screen.

She wrote a post about what’s great about being a female CEO and what’s not so great.

In the not so great category is the email above, which she says is actually one of the more professional emails she’s gotten.

The email came in response to her trying to hire an engineer to work at the company.

As you can see, someone wrote, “I’m pretty happy with my current job, but if you’re single I’d like to date you. Perhaps there are some unconventional ways to lure me away from my company (besides stock options) if you know what I mean :)”

Would a man say this to a male CEO? Would a woman say this to a male CEO?

It’s just strange, and it’s a good reminder that it’s still tough to lead a company as a woman.

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