Remember that outrageous news two summers ago when Britain freed the Lockerbie bomber?

Yes, well the story then was that the guy who brought down the Pan-Am 747, killing 270 people, was terminally ill so it was totally fair to send him home to his family in Libya.

How on earth this could ever be “fair” was beyond us.

And of course, later, the truth came out, and it turned out the bomber was freed so BP could get a sweetheart oil deal. And he got a hero’s welcome when he got home to Libya. And it also turned out, of course, that the guy wasn’t even sick–or at least that he wasn’t in any way “terminally ill.”

And now, via the Drudge Report, the Scottish government has admitted that it has no idea where he is. He has just disappeared into the chaos in Libya.

So much for justice.

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