Location-Based Marketing Is Changing Everything

When we mention building websites and creating content for optimal organic SEO results, it’s easy to picture a docile Internet Explorer user happily clicking on the first result that pops into a Google search. While maintaining a competitive, static browser based search campaign used to be as easy as plugging your data into a standard SEO software and watching your traffic increase, mobile technology is an equally important factor to search results as desktop and laptop searches.

Real-Time Search Results

Creating an awesome website with pages of unique original content will get you some decent rankings in Google, but what if you’re customer is already on the go? If someone types in “cosmetics” into a search, the closest location for a Walgreens might appear instead of a major cosmetics company like L’Oreal or Cover Girl.

Innovations like geo tagging and location based search are becoming vital components to a company’s SEO mix. Most people rely on their smartphones when they are on the lookout for new places to eat, shop, and find entertainment. By placing geo tag metadata into your website, you can get higher results to consumers who are looking for products and services “right now.”

Location Check-In Services

Google has recently purchased the restaurant review guide Zagat, whose 30-two year history has given it a distinct authority in the culinary world. The acquisition of Zagat might be one of Google’s loftiest purchases to date after YouTube, Motorola, and DoubleClick. With the popularity of other check-in services like Foursquare and Yelp, it is important to have your location based ppc campaign directed to these sites.

QR Codes and NFC Technology

The use of QR codes by businesses is becoming more of a standard than a novelty. By scanning these codes with a smartphone, users can receive valuable information on a product, check-in status on social media sites, and special offers.

According to Juniper Research, about 300 million smartphones will be equipped with NFC technology in the next three years. Smartphones like the Blackberry Bold 9930 and several Android compatible devices (surprisingly not the iPhone 5) are coming equipped with this new technology. NFC enabled phones allow users to share data with other NFC phones, wave their device to make a purchase, and communicate with specialised NFC tags.

Information is available instantaneously in our society. While the advent of social media and SEO marketing is a relatively new idea in the paradigm of human evolution, it is moving onto its next life-form at a very accelerated rate.

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