Local elections 2017 LIVE: The Tories are taking over the most councils in early counts

  • The Conservatives are making gains in early counts with taking control of five councils while Labour lost control of two.
  • The Liberal Democrats have lost several seats.
  • UKIP loses all its seats it has been defending so far.
  • Final counts for local and mayoral elections ends at 6 p.m. BST on Friday.

LONDON — Results are underway in the 2017 local and mayoral elections with announcements being made in England, Scotland, and Wales throughout today.

We are expecting results in 4,851 council seats plus six regional mayoral contests. The results will give us a clear insight into how the country’s political parties are performing with just five weeks until the general election.

Theresa May’s Conservatives are expected to make over a hundred gains while Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is bracing itself for a bruising day. UKIP and the Liberal Democrats have a lot at stake, too.

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There are still lots more results to come but early signs look very good for the Conservatives.

The party has made a series early gains in council seats, with Labour already losing, and Paul Nuttall’s UKIP failing to pick up a seat and losing every seat its defended so far.

May’s Tories have so far have taken control of Gloucestershire, Lincolnshire and Warwickshire County Councils, plus the Isle of Wight. All were previously under “no overall control.”

Conservative candidate Tim Bowles has also won the West of England mayoral election.

And over in Wales, the party has won Monmouthshire, while Labour has lost control of Blaenau Gwent and Bridgend.

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