Local Government Says Sending Jobless Australian Youths To Other Regions Won't Work

The job prospects are bleak for young Australian in all but a small number of prosperous inner-city regions, according to local government.

The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA ) 16th State of the Regions report highlights the trend of a widening gap between regions which have benefited from the mining boom and those which have not.

Association President Mayor Felicity-Ann Lewis said regions will need a pool of educated, creative and entrepreneurial people to foster growth.

Report authors found that an increasing number of young people have found themselves in a void between education and employment, participating in neither. It argues that the idea of relocating young people to regions where work is available needs to be re-thought as there are already many young people unemployed in these regions.

The May federal budget tightened eligibility for benefits to young adults, extending waiting times for the dole for those under 30 and encourages the long-term unemployed to move to areas with better job prospects.

Mayor Lewis said all regions need to be smart about creating opportunities for their youth and should pursue regionally-appropriate educational, training and employment pathways that fully capitalise on the region’s inherent strengths.

The report, Regional Development in a Globalised Economy, identifies that the national economy is now in transition and we have entered a post mining boom construction phase. Growth in other areas of the economy is required to maintain Australian living standards.

“Infrastructure investment will not only need to be about major projects like highways and airports, but investment in telecommunications and the built environment and associated activities that support the growth and development of the knowledge economy,” said Dr Ian Manning from National Economics which wrote the report

“Investment in rural and regional development cannot be thought of in isolation, it needs all aspects to be considered in the equation, this means investment in a range of infrastructure, from roads, airports, to education and telecommunications.”

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