First-Ever Footage Of Lobsters Eating Other Lobsters


[credit provider=”Louisiana Sea Grant College Program” url=”[email protected]/4526818836/”]

Even lobsters know just how good lobsters taste.  The twisted — but true — discovery is based on the first-ever published video of lobsters feasting on another lobster in the Gulf of Maine.  

The act of lobster cannibalism was captured by Noah Oppenheim, a graduate student at the University of Maine, who tied a small, juvenile lobster to the ocean floor and set up cameras to see what happened. 

Once the sun went down, the young lobster was preyed on by several larger lobsters.  

Lobsters might attack and eat each other if they are trapped in the same small tank (which is why their claws are banded together in the supermarket), but this behaviour has never been witnessed in the wild before. 

Researchers think lobsters are starting to eat each other because there are suddenly a lot more lobsters in the water, possibly as a result of climate change. 

Over the summer, the surge in Maine’s lobster population drove wholesale lobster prices in New England to a 40-year-low. In some places, the tasty crustacean was fetching under $2 per pound, when it normally sells for more than twice that.  

Watch the video below: