Goldman Sachs Employees Just Don't Understand Why Everyone Loves Jamie Dimon And Hates Lloyd Blankfein

lloyd blankfein

It’s true; people love to pillory Goldman Sachs, and they really love to rail against the bank’s chief, Lloyd Blankfein.

For some reason, people on the street see Goldman and Lloyd as the embodiment of capitalist greed run amok, despite the fact that all the banks contributed to the financial crisis and pretty much every last one received federal bailout money.

Plus, Goldmanites — who adore Blankfein, who is always smiling — get kind of sad about this.

Especially when JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon supposedly isn’t the nice guy everyone makes him out to be.

From Fortune (via Dealbreaker),

I was at a fairly large dinner party last Saturday night, and found myself sitting next to the wife of a Goldman partner.

She later introduced me to her husband, whose ears perked up when I told him I’d written a biography of Dimon.

“You know,” he said, “we scratch our heads at Goldman every day about that guy. He can be a much bigger bully in the markets than we are, but everyone still thinks he’s a prince and [Goldman CEO] Lloyd Blankfein is the devil.”

With all that vampire squid imagery and a televised inquiry of the Abacus disaster, it’s no surprise to us that Lloyd stands out at the worst of them all.

But we’re guessing that with all the accusations pouring out that JP Morgan knew months ahead of time that Bernie Madoff was doing something shady, JD won’t stay Mr. Good Guy for long.

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