Lloyd Blankfein Wishes That Charlie Gasparino Would Just Give Up

lloyd blankfein wants charlie gasparino to quit

Charlie Gasparino loves to speculate on when Lloyd Blankfein is quitting Goldman Sachs.

First, he says Lloyd is ready to step down.

Then, he starts tweeting about Goldman’s denial that Lloyd hates his job.

Then, he says there are frontrunners in the race to succeed him.

Well, Lloyd Blankfein, for one, has had enough!

In an interview with New York Mag’s Jessica Pressler, Lloyd makes his feelings on Charlie clear:

Blankfein’s friends and colleagues say that he’s held up remarkably well under the scrutiny, and cite his very presence at work every day as evidence. But it’s easy to believe, as Charlie Gasparino reported this spring, that he’s “tired of running the company.”

“I’m tired of Gasparino,” Blankfein shoots back. “I wish he would quit.”

Van Praag sighs.

We’re not big users of this acronym, but Lol.

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