Lloyd Blankfein Is Not Really Concerned About Greg Smith's Upcoming Tell-All Book

lloyd blankfein

Photo: CNBC screenshot

Goldman Sachs’ CEO Lloyd Blankfein is not really concerned about Greg Smith’s upcoming tell-all book, he said on CNBC in an interview with Steve Liesman. In case you need a refresher, Smith is the former Goldman vice president who resigned publicly via a scathing op-ed in the New York Times that ripped into the bank’s culture.

He’s now coming out with a memoir called “Why I Left Goldman Sachs”, which is said to include things like shenanigans in a Las Vegas hot tub and excesses of the real estate boom

“I’m not really concerned about the revelations,” Blankfein said, adding, he’s “not looking forward to the hoopla.”  

Blankfein, who said he’s never even spoken to Smith, said that the former Goldman employee didn’t really have any “sharp accusations.”

They were “soft things” like culture, Blankfein explained.  

Blankfein said they surveyed Smith’s reviews and couldn’t find anything.  

He added that they had to report this to the board and that the regulators were interested, but Goldman could find “nothing of consequence.”  

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