Lloyd Blankfein Drops From #1 To Rock Bottom On Vanity Fair's Mogul List

Last year, Goldman’s Blankfein was #1 on Vanity Fair’s “Top 100” mogul list.

This year, he’s rock bottom at #100 (#1 is Mark Zuckerburg).

Other people who beat Blankfein this year:

Warren Buffett (the top financier on the list at #11)

BlackRock’s Larry Fink (#15)

JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon (#30)

PIMCO’s Bill Gross (#69)

Appaloosa’s David Tepper (Because of his big win in distressed investments, he’s #76)

Sequoia Capital’s Michael Moritz (#82)

Blankfein apparently made the list because he dodged a bullet and settled the SEC case for a paltry $550 million.

Hey, at least he’s still on it! He’s one of only six Wall Streeters.

(Via Dealbook)

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