GOLDMAN CEO: The thought of Donald Trump's finger on the button 'blows my mind'

Donald Trump is “wacky,” according to Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

Blankfein spoke at an event hosted by The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday morning, and Journal editor-in-chief Gerard Baker asked him about the real-estate magnate and Republican front-runner.

“I can find fault with some of the things that seem wacky to me that he says,” Blankfein said, amid attempting to explain some of the appeal of Trump to a variety of the Republican electorate.

But he added: “It’s hard to imagine his finger on the button. That blows my mind.”

The 61-year-old executive admitted his own moderate views might be colouring his perception of the real-estate mogul.

“I’m a Democrat, by the way,” he said.

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