Host LL Cool J made a big style mistake at this year's Grammys

LL Cool JGetty/Larry BusaccaLL Cool J’s ‘LL’ pin needs to go.

When LL Cool J took the Grammy stage on Monday night to host music’s biggest night for the 5th time in a row, he had company.

There, on his lapel, sat a sparkly (presumably) diamond lapel pin that had his first two initials: LL.

These initials stand for “ladies love,” which is an odd thing to proclaim on your chest. (LL’s stage name, for what it’s worth, stands for “ladies love Cool James”).

Besides breaking a rule of decency, LL has also broken another rule with his lapel pin: they aren’t meant to be distracting.

Think about other lapel pins you’ve seen: likely a small flower on a tuxedo or a tiny American flag pin on a presidential candidate. Taking that into account, LL’s “LL” pin is probably as distracting as you can get with a pin. It draws the eye and clashes with the rest of his outfit.

But there is a right way to wear a lapel pin. Take for instant, Rami Malek, who we called the best dressed guy at this year’s Golden Globes. His ensemble also included a lapel pin:

Observe how Rami Malek’s pin melds with the lapel of his navy tuxedo, adding interest to the tuxedo without overwhelming it. The flower is not a contrasting colour, so it doesn’t draw the eye as much.

That’s the right way to pin your lapel. Take note, LL, and better luck next year.

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