What It's Like Working At LivingSocial's Washington DC Headquarters

living social office tour

Photo: Kevin Smith, Business Insider

Washington D.C.-based LivingSocial is the second biggest daily deals company after Groupon.It has over 1,000 employees spread across six different buildings in D.C.

We were in D.C. this week and got a tour of three of its buildings.

Like most startups, LivingSocial has a great mix of funky decor, free food, and an open layout. 

What LivingSocial has that most startups don’t have is an old-school, super cool boardroom that’s a hold over from the previous tenant. Continue reading to check it out …

This is the first office we visited, 918F Street NW. It's a 5-story building with a lot of history. In the 1890s the 5th floor of this building hosted the largest illegal gambling room in D.C. history.

This is the same alleyway that John Wilkes Booth ran down after shooting President Abraham Lincoln. (Sorry it's blurry, we had some camera problems.)

When we stepped inside we were greeted by a friendly worker. The huge screen transitioned between various videos.

To the left of the office was a small store with various LivingSocial swag.

Upstairs on the second floor is the waiting area for visitors and guests. This building is used as a flex space, meaning merchants can host events here but they must be related to LivingSocial.

Upstairs were the remains of a morning yoga session deal. (Again, apologies for blurry photos.)

One last blurry photo, then the rest are good. We just wanted to show you the giant rock-climbing wall in this building.

On to the next LivingSocial office!

This is where LivingSocial's Editorial, Production, Help desk and Deal Quality teams work.

LivingSocial completely restored this building after it was severely damaged during the D.C. Earthquake last year. LivingSocial has been in this building since April of this year.

The basement of this building has a huge space. It is perfect for large meetings.

Here is the Help desk. This is who employees call when they have computer issues.

Matt Gittleman-Stowe types away on his computer.

On the second floor we found a fully stocked Coke fridge providing employees with free beverages.

More of the fully stocked kitchen.

A view from above of the editorial team.

The third office we visited was LivingSocial's corporate headquarters. The company occupies three massive floors in a downtown D.C. building.

The headquarters is also home to LivingSocial's Hungry Academy. Hungry Academy is a five-month training program that prepares candidates to join LivingSocial's engineering team.

Right outside of the Hungry Academy classroom is a neat fishbowl office.

Here's where the Business Intelligence team works on the second floor.

This is LivingSocial's board room. This conference room was once used by the bank that is directly below the office. LivingSocial kept the old school feel all the way down to the carpet.

Employees work diligently on LivingSocial's main work room. This is where Finance, Payroll, Human Resources, Merchant Services and a few other teams reside.

This week LivingSocial is hosting its own version of the Olympics. Monday's event was to see which teams could bring in the most boxes of healthy cereal to be donated to a local charity.

We ran into marketing associate Stuart Murphy who really caught Olympic fever.

Part of LivingSocial's Olympics Spirit Week. Employees took on the challenge of seeing who could wear the most LivingSocial gear.

Here is another well designed conference room.

Up on the wall is a drawing of the founders resembling Mount Rushmore.

Here is where LivingSocial's CEO and Co-Founder, Tim O'Shaughnessy sits. He was out when we visited, probably at an important meeting.

This is another conference room. That is an actual tub holding the table up. It is significant because it is a relic from LivingSocial's first office which was above an antique store.

LivingSocial hosted a hackathon some time ago and the hackers created this HACK sign in the back. It's called the Light Bright.

Company values are scattered throughout the building. This one encourages employees to 'live hungry'.

We stumbled upon some old fashioned Telephone booths. Employees use these to have private phone conversation.

The corporate headquarters had a fun space for employees to unwind and play shuffleboard.

There was even skeeball!

We hope you enjoyed taking a peek at where LivingSocial gets it work done. Nom.

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