Living On The Space Station May Seem Cool, But It's Actually Full Of Farts And Vomit

Astronauts in the vomit comet.Astronauts in the vomit comet.

Photo: NASA

Life on the space station may seem at times to be all fun and games, taking pictures of the earth, and running experiments, but in reality lots of weird things can, and do, happen up in the space station — especially since astronauts spend months in zero gravity.A selection of some of the weirdest things you never knew about astronauts, from a list posted by Adam Mann at

  • Most astronauts have some kind of space adaptation sickness in the first few days, resulting in flying barf chucks, motion sickness, visual problems and disorientation.
  • The lack of gravity in space makes some weird things happen to your body: molting feet, loss of posture, and incredible gassiness form the loss of abdominal muscle strength. 
  • Infections by space microbes can be common, if the living areas aren’t kept clean. 
  • Weightlessness makes bones and muscles weak, leads to kidney stone formation.
  • Space blindness steals the eyesight of astronauts in space for a long time.
  • One thing we mentioned before: Dust from both Mars and the moon are probably about as bad for you as asbestos. In the short term, this space dust can cause hay-fever like symptoms if it gets into the astronauts’ living quarters.

See Mann’s entire slideshow with details of these medical oddities of space travel at One thing not on the list is the fact that astronauts often complain that they lose their sense of taste (an Australian brewery called Vostock even created a ‘space beer’) and lose some of their hearing.

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