If You Need The Times Square New Year's Eve Ball-Drop On Your Phone, Here's How To Do It

Spending New Year’s Eve watching the ball drop in iconic Times Square may be on some people’s bucket lists, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

If you’re into cold, crowds, and lots of waiting, then yes, sure, head down to midtown Manhattan! If not, there’s a warmer, quieter way to experience all of the fun that comes with the beginning of a New Year.

This year, Livestream is offering the official 2014 Times Square Ball App. Users will enjoy the mobility of watching the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration at home, work or anywhere in the world from their mobile phones or tablets while interacting with the Times Square Ball.

The ball will share its unique perspective of the performers, revelers and other festivities happening in Times Square via Twitter.

The best part? It’s free, and great if you don’t have access to a television as the clock strikes midnight.

This is the 5th year Livestream has brought the Times Square New Year’s Eve experience to audiences worldwide. Now the app will create a truly interactive experience.

You can download the app for your Apple device or your Android device. It has already seen 500,000 downloads from over 160 countries.

This is some footage from Livestream’s coverage last New Year’s Eve:

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