New York Livery Cab Drivers Will Start Wearing Bulletproof Vests For Calls In South Bronx

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You’re never going to find a yellow cab in crime-ridden areas like South Bronx, East New York and Jamaica, Queens.But black livery cabs have to go there to respond to calls.

Now the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers has 27 bulletproof vests, which it will give to drivers assigned to dangerous areas. The vests were given as a donation by Security USA, according to the NYPost:

Security USA started the vest program in memory of livery driver Cesar Santos, who died in June 2010 after being shot in the stomach in a fight with two men who refused to pay their Bronx fare.

In December, livery cabby Trevor Bell, 53, was shot in the head during a botched Queens robbery.

In fact, New York City’s crime is at historically low levels. But some neighborhoods in the outer boroughs face increasing poverty and crime.

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