A Twitter Employee Just Live-Tweeted The Birth Of Her Daughter

Claire Diaz-Ortiz is what you’d call a “company woman.”

After all, the Twitter employee took to the social network on Saturday morning to proclaim her water had broke, and she was going into “#labour.”

Then she live-tweeted the entire ordeal, right up until the birth of her daughter.

Diaz-Ortiz, who goes by @Claire on Twitter, lives in Buenos Aires with her husband, and began having contractions early Saturday morning, when she began to tweet.

A BuzzFeed reporter, who was also following the story, spoke to Claire’s father who confirmed that her tweets were not a hoax.

Claire was in great spirits, even though her car broke down on the way to the hospital, the ordeal playing out like a sitcom.

She reflected on the things she wished she had remembered to pack in her hospital bag:

And how she and her husband hadn’t picked out a name for the baby yet:

After a few more tweets, it was time for Claire to give birth:

(And, of course, Lucía Paz Díaz-Ortiz has her own Twitter handle — @Lucia.)

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