Here Are The 7 Banks That Failed The Stress Test

The headline: 7 of the 91 banks have failed the test.

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5 Spanish banks have failed the tests.

  • Espiga
  • Diada
  • Unnim
  • Civica
  • Cajasur

1 German bank has failed the test.

  • Hypo Real Estate

1 Greek bank has failed the test.

  • ATE Bank

Here are the details as they emerged:

  • The German Bundesbank says the that only one bank has failed. No banks need to raise new capital. Hypo Real Estate has failed, which was leaked before.
  • The French National Bank says all banks have passed the tests, according to CNBC.
  • The Portuguese National bank say all of their banks have passed the test, according to CNBC.
  • The Swedish National Bank has said that all banks have passed the test, per CNBC.
  • The Bank of Ireland needs €2.6 billion in funds to recapitalize (unconfirmed).
  • Bank Allied Irish Bank and Bank of Ireland have passed the tests, though both need additional capital.
  • Spain’s Diada Savings Bank has failed, per FT Alphaville.
  • Spain’s Unnim has failed, per FT Alphaville.
  • Greece’s ATE Bank has failed the stress test.
  • Deutsche Bank has passed the stress test with flying colours, having Tier 1 capital ratios significantly above the 6% minimum in all scenarios. (via Deutsche Bank)
  • All 5 major Italian banks have passed the stress tests, according to Bloomberg.
  • Spain’s Civica has failed the stress tests, which makes sense considering they were pursuing more capital earlier today.
  • Spain’s Cajasur has failed, per Alphaville. But do recall it is being merged with other cajas in Spain, so is already dealing with its difficult situation.
  • Spain’s Espiga has failed the test, according to The Guardian.
  • Overall, banks have only shown a €3.5 billion capital short fall. That is very small. But makes sense, since what we are talking about is small bank failure, not any large bank.

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