Super Bowl Media Day

Aaron Rodgers Media Day

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The Packers and Steelers are about to face the NFL’s assembled media at Cowboys Stadium.Twelve simultaneous press conferences involving a few hundred of their closest reporters. If anyone says anything interesting, we’ll have it here:

11:06: Aaron Rodgers: “My goal is to not say anything stupid.” That’s no fun!

11:06: Everyone begins by interviewing other media members …

11:07: Rodgers just quoted St. Francis of Assisi: “Preach the gospel at all times. If necessary, use words.”

11:08: Still waiting for to activate its 12 streaming cameras! Sure sounds exciting!

11:14: The madhouse. @MikeReiss via @Quickish, which is also keeping up on tweets from the field.)

11:15: Charles Woodson says Cullen Jenkins is the funniest guy on the Packers. This is what Media Day is about people!


Aaron Rodgers Media Day swarm

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11:24: continues to redefine “live”. Interviews that are going on right now are labelled “upcoming.”

11:30: Do players fight over the podium? Only 12 slots, so if you’re not one (but still have to be available) you know where you rank.

11:32: “Live” interviews will now be available on in 27 minutes. In other words, after the Packers interview session is over.

11:36: Punter Tim Masthay agrees that Cullen Jenkins is mostly likely to say something memorable. Good thing his interview isn’t available right now.

11:47: Most of the media tweets seems to focus on Inez Sainz.

11:48: We have our best quote of the day, and naturally, it didn’t happen at Media Day: Hines Ward tells GQ magazine that the NFL doesn’t “give a f–k about concussions.” (Via PFT) Good luck getting anything even close to that out of these nonsense press conferences.

11:53: Donald Driver on Aaron Rodgers: “I played with 2 great quarterbacks and only one took me to the Super Bowl.”

12:11: Media taking a one-hour break until Steelers show up. The “Live” streams we were hoping to use to follow the action never materialised on, but we’ll keep updating with interesting tidbits if we see them.

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