Shots of a port in Fukushima as Japanese residents brace for a tsunami

Photo: Onahama Port/ Google.

A powerful earthquake struck near Fukushima, Japan, at approximately 6am local time on Tuesday morning, prompting the Japan Meteorological Agency to issue a tsunami warning for residents on the island nation’s east coast.

Here’s the latest.

6.49am local time — Authorities report a tsunami of 60cm at the port of Onahama in Fukushima.

6.55am local time — Authorities reported backwash from the port which could be a sign that the tsunami will reach the coastline.

7.06am local time — Authorities report a tsunami of 90cm.

7.19am local time — Authorities are telling residents to leave immediately and not return until the area is cleared as the tsunami will hit repeatedly.

7.36am local time — A helicopter flying above is reporting not seeing any changes.

8.14am local time — Authorities report seeing waves higher than one-metre already hitting the coast, and the tide level is rising.

9.52am local time — Footage of a wave rolling through a canal in Japan.

10.33am local time — The Japan Meterological Agency has now downgraded tsunami warnings to tsunami advisories.

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