How To Live Like A Modern Day Great Gatsby

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Jay Gatsby may have been an illegal bootlegger, but his wild parties, love for Daisy, and smooth talking ways are why he is one of the most beloved protagonists in literature.

And with Gatsby’s return to the big screen less than two weeks away, we began to wonder what the famous ’20s character would be like if he was real and living today.

Since Gatsby was a bootlegger, the modern Gatsby would also come by his fortune through underhanded means. Maybe he’d be dealing ecstasy, which can bring in a surprising income in NYC, or maybe a modern Gatsby would earn his dough from good old fashioned insider trading.

But nevermind how a modern Gatsby would get his money. To know how he’d live today, we have to know how he’d spend his money. 

Source: Curbed Hamptons

And just like Gatsby, you'd be dating your very own Daisy Buchanon — might we suggest either of the gorgeous socialites Tinsley Mortimer or Olivia Palermo?

Gatsby drives a yellow Rolls-Royce in the book. You'd obviously have a garage full of cars, but your favourite would be the flashy new Ferrari LaFerrari supercar, which is expected to cost $1 million.

There's no reference to Gatsby owning a plane, but the Modern Gatsby would definitely have one. We suggest the $64.5 million G650, which can fly at nearly the speed of sound with two Rolls-Royce engines.

Boats have gotten a lot flashier since Fitzgerald's day. As the Modern Gatsby, you'd not only own this Mercedes-designed electric speedboat, but also a made-to-order yacht like the 187-foot 'Lady Linda' with helipad for $50 million.

And just for kicks, you'd also indulge yourself with some Hammacher Schlemmer toys: We suggest the $100,000 killer whale submarine, $42,000 hot tub boat, $2 million personal submarine, and the $190,000 flying hovercraft.

Gatsby never had the chance to run off with Daisy in the book. Treat yourself better as the Modern Gatsby by renting out Richard Branson's Necker Island for $60,000 a night and vacationing there with your sweetheart.

Gatsby threw lavish parties at his home. You'd do that too of course, while also partying at NYC's Provocateur, The Boom Boom Room, and making a trip to Vegas once a month (easily spending $20,000 on bottle service each night, minimum).

In the 1920s, a rich guy like Gatsby was most likely drinking Moët & Chandon's new Dom Pérignon. And you? Also Dom Pérignon for $200 a pop. Some things never change.

Source: Dom Pérignon

There's not a whole lot of food in 'The Great Gatsby,' but as the modern Gatsby, your date nights with Daisy would cost you. Book a table for 2 at Le Bernardin, where you would spend $1,000 eating decadent dishes like the poached halibut with black truffle.

Source: Le Bernardin

NYC's private Core Club and the exclusive Hamptons Sebonack Golf Club have some of the most expensive membership fees around. You'd belong to both since you're trying to prove yourself, just like Gatsby.

And when you're not hanging out at one of your private clubs, you'd probably be in Wall Street's favourite hangout — The Grand Havana Room — smoking a cigar with a glass of bourbon at hand.

Just like Gatsby, you'd want the very best, even if it was just for a haircut. A $850 annual membership at John Allan's gives you full-service haircuts, shaves, massage, facials, and even manicures.

Source: John Allan's

In the book, Gatsby wears ostentatious clothes like a pink suit. You'd look pretty spiffy too, especially wearing Burberry's latest Prorsum collection which retails from $595-$3,295 and uses flashy patterns and textiles.

Buy the shirt, jacket, and coat here

You'd also own the very best accessories: A silk tie from Hermes ($195), a watch from Lange & Söhne ($50,000), and cuff links from Van Cleef and Arpels ($8,400).

Buy the tie, watch, and cufflinks here

Want a more affordable way to channel the famous protagonist?

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