Facebook Ad Platform: Revealed!

We’ve got our first images from Facebook’s super-secret marketing event, courtesy of never-say-never Dan Frommer — they’re stunning, and large, so we’ve placed them after the jump.

In the meantime, Dan has braced the crowd and extracted the following information:

Facebook chief revenue officer Mike Murphy is here. So is Nicole Haygood, a vp and interactive media director from draftfcb in Chicago, who stopped to chat: She’s excited to compare Facebook’s ad-targeting plan with the one MySpace has already shown off. A buyer from Starcom says he’s looking for big news, but not expecting any.

Dan would like to tell you more, but a phalanx of 5 pr people, backed by a security guy, are blocking his entrance. Luckily we gather that we’ll be able to hear about Mark Zuckerberg’s presentation within the next few hours; we’ll give you more info as we get it:. For instance, Reuters reports that reps from Sony, Microsoft and Blockbuster will be joining Mark Zuckerberg on stage shortly. And here’s Facebook’s official release: Kickoff partners also include CBS, Chase, The Coca-Cola Company and Verizon Wireless

In the meantime, brace yourself for our exclusive photos:

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